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Capt. Archie Hoogsteen and a group comes to visit Porphyry Island.

Being a light keeper for a day and exploring what it is like to operate a Lake Superior Lighthouse, is a real eye opener and a lifelong memory.

Join the charter tours from Silver Islet Harbour (located 70km from Thunder Bay) on Thursdays and Sundays. Book Sunday’s Tour or Book Thursday’s Tour

Leaving Thunder Bay, join Kasper and Co. on a journey to the lighthouse!

Starting in Silver Islet your charter will take you over the famous silver mine as you tour across Black Bay. Panoramic view of the Sleeping Giant can be seen behind you as you depart the mine.

When you reach Porphyry Island, you’ll learn about being on a volcanic island, explore the unique climate and plant habitat and experience the light keepers’ stories through a guided or self-guided tour.

Your trip to the lighthouse can takes 30 minutes and your charter captain will share local attractions on the water and around Porphyry Island. During your tour of the island there’s lots to see and to learn about. After lunch explore the famous black sands beaches, go for a sauna or swim.

Take the lightkeeper’s tour.

Order your lunch on line or at the boathouse upon arrival. Guests must receive a safety orientation prior to exploring the island.