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What will make your lighthouse experience memorable? Will it be the feeling of clean wind on your face as you ride out onto a freshwater sea? Or will it be the wrinkle in your brow that emerges when you hear the light keeper’s story for the first time? What memories will you make?

The isolated volcanic Porphyry Island, pummelled by Lake Superior in view of the Sleeping Giant, echo’s of yesteryear’s coureur de bois, mineral hounds, fisherman and lumber barons. Most are gone now, but the lighthouse and its stories provide adventures that celebrate their history today. 

Visitors to the lighthouses can now enjoy, volunteer, learn and appreciate the keeper’s stories thorough our interpretive displays. Why not take a tour or stay overnight? Experience our amazing Lake Superior Island destination.

Lighthouse Tour: (check with Superior Rocket Charters)  Tour the historic Porphyry Island Lighthouse and experience firsthand the life and adventure of a Lake Superior light keeper. Climb aboard a charter and travel across the bay to this unique place. Ascend the light tower for a breath-taking view as part of your guided tour and enjoy a delicious locally sourced picnic lunch and short walk to a scenic view. Experience our guided interpretation and Gordon Graham Gallery.


Guest House Rental: (Still available for the 2018 season) Living in the light keeper’s dwelling connects you to the amazing history of Porphyry Point Lighthouse. Located on Porphyry Island, 40 km east of Thunder Bay, this homestead offers a unique perspective of the life of a light keeper and his family. With running water, hydro and a propane stove, this rustic dwelling has what you need to further explore this unique destination. The three-bedroom dwelling has a working kitchen, with an ice box and can accommodate 7. Step outside and go for a hike, play on the front lawn or venture along the shoreline. Stay for one night or several. Includes our mini museum, Gordon Graham Art Gallery, tower climb, nature walks, sandy beach and guided tours. $250 per night.


Mr & Mrs. Edward McKay in the fog alarm building at Porphyry Point. Photo: R.C. McKay

Host Keeper Program:  (join us next year 2019) Hop on our lighthouse supply charter and be a keeper of the light for a one-week term at Porphyry Island Lighthouse. Spend time at this exciting destination and experience the life of a light keeper. Volunteers meet visitors daily, provide tours, do daily chores and help visitors navigate the lighthouse site. Keepers receive room & board plus transportation to and from the Island to Thunder Bay. At Porphyry we have two sites to maintain, cut the grass and stock the woodpiles.  During your off time, explore the Island, swim, snorkel, hike to the Black Sands Beach and take in the constellation-filled nights.


Volunteer: Work with others, develop skills, and build your network. Why not join the team and contribute to improve our lighthouses and make the site more welcoming for the upcoming season? Enjoy the camaraderie as we work to make our lighthouse destinations places everyone can visit and enjoy. Join us on June 2nd for our annual Porphyry Island Clean-up and two weeks later on June 16th at Trowbridge Island Lighthouse.  Transportation is available from Thunder Bay or Silver Islet (membership required) for the Porphyry volunteer cleanup event. Click on the link for further information. Checkout our activity calendar for upcoming events www.clls.ca/events.

Membership:  As a member of the Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc. (CLLS) you will actively support the preservation of Canada’s Lighthouse heritage, stories and buildings. A membership purchase assists with CLLS’s ability to build and share the story of lighthouses on Lake Superior. Membership includes event invitations, a quarterly newsletter, volunteer opportunities and more. To sign up visit our membership page.

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