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Living and working at a lighthouse is a once in a lifetime experience through our programs, events and excursions, you have many opportunities to retreat to the past island life.

Light keeper’s and their family also had amazing life experiences operating these lighthouses since 1873 and include local families such as the Merritt’s, McKay’s, Dick’s and Graham’s!

Living on an isolated volcanic at our main lighthouse site, Porphyry Island, pummelled by Lake Superior in view of the Sleeping Giant, echo’s of yesteryear’s coureur de bois. This included mineral hounds, fisherman and lumber barons! Most are gone now, but the lighthouse stories still are celebrated. 

Visitors to Porphyry Island can come spend the day or as stay longer as a host light keeper or as a summer student working as a lighthouse navigator. There’s lots to learn onsite at the light keeper’s dwellings. 

Capture the beauty.

Lightkeeper Tour :  Bi-weekly trips to Porphyry Island Lighthouse. Experience firsthand the life and adventure of a light keeper. Climb aboard a charter from Silver Islet or Thunder Bay. Experience the Gordon Graham Gallery, panoramic views, exotic plants and turquoise waters.

Volunteer:  We have many onsite projects underway that you can help us preserve our regional lighthouses. Our well known Host Keeper Program is well attended for one week stays and allows you a working holiday as a keeper of the light station. Or for day long activity as a volunteer join us on Spring cleanup at Porphyry and Trowbridge Island Lighthouse. 

Guest House Rental:  Living in the light keeper’s dwelling connects you to the amazing history of Porphyry Point Lighthouse, but getting there is half the fun. Accommodations include running water, hydro and a propane stove & fridge. Sleeps six in three bedrooms (2 single rooms with two single beds, one room with a double).

Become a Member: As a member of the Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc. (CLLS) you will actively support the preservation of Canada’s Lighthouse heritage, stories and buildings. Benefits of your membership include includes event invitations, a quarterly newsletter, volunteer opportunities and more.

Soon to be released sold as a collection, the Lighthouse Trail, including Thunder Bay Main, Trowbridge Island, Silver Islet Hub, Porphyry Island and No. 10 Light.

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