Seeing a lighthouse. Indescribable!

Porphyry Island Light Station

Past stories of lighthouses . . . still echo today.

Trowbridge Island Light Station

Explore Canadian History. Come on a trip.
Meet community and enjoy local events.

Lightkeepers lived on the harsh shores surrounded by cold waters. How would you tame the elements and make a living as a lightkeeper?

Visit Porphyry Island.
Spend a day. Stay overnight. Volunteer.
A lifetime experience awaits.

No.10 Light Tower (Shaganash)

A volcanic island surrounded by turquoise waters.
Come by boat. Enjoy the view. Travel back in time.

CLLS membership gives you an opportunity to learn through our newsletter. Support the mandate. Experience History. Become a volunteer. Attend events.

Take a tour.

Stay the Night.

Boaters, Plan your Trip.

Life in a Tent. (new glamping experience)

Soon to be released sold as a collection, the Lighthouse Trail, including Thunder Bay Main, Trowbridge Island, Silver Islet Hub, Porphyry Island and No. 10 Light.

Seen from across Black Bay the Sleeping Giant waits for your visit.

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