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CLEAN- UP Weekend

Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc., held its annual clean-up weekend at Porphyry Island in early June 2016. Twenty-seven volunteers were on hand, working in four groups. Much was accomplished across the whole site. And some volunteers were seen enjoying the view along the way. Docks  were refurbished, a floating dock added. A camping area for kayakers was carried out with a new outhouse location chosen. The lighthouse stations grounds and guesthouse were given a spring cleaning with even the grass getting cut. Work was also started on the Gordon Graham Gallery and Theatre. On Saturday a pot-luck supper was held in the guest-house with Archie Charters’ providing salmon for dinner.

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A group photo 0f volunteers, sponsors and supporters was taken after a pot-luck supper.


Walleye Magazine photographer and writer, Tyler Sklazeski was on hand to capture images and ideas for an upcoming article on CLLS’s work on Lake Superior and how it impacts tourism in the area.


Ari Koivu stands at the foot of Porphyry Light Tower after working on installing and testing out the WiFi.


In the guest-house veranda, dinner was accompanied by a  beautiful view of the Lake Superior in three directions.IMG_7683

As the sunset everyone chats about the day and what lies ahead.


As part of the Great Lake Guardian Community Fund, volunteers remove garbage found on the shoreline, trails and beaches.


The Porphyry Light Tower feet were painted red after the weeds and tall grass was trimmed. A former lighthouse keeper Gordon Graham once said about working at a lighthouse…”If it moves … oil it. If not, paint it!”


From the original lighthouse built in 1873 and now located in the new mini-museum in the Old Fog Alarm Building can be seen a coal fired pot-belly stove and original lighthouse ladder made of solid cedar.


The old east dock now clad with new timbers and a new 16 ft floating dock attached. The dock is a donation from the Thunder Bay Yacht Club – Destination Fund. One more piece, a ramp, is to be added between the main and floating dock to adjust to changing water levels and that component is covered under the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund.


Devil’s Club also know as the devil’s walking stick is a large arctic disjunct shrub isolated to a few islands on Lake Superior. Here you can see the spiny, prickly leaves growing towards the light.


Hanging out at the towers top and taking in the sunshine at Porphyry Point.


Speed boats, tug boats, sailing craft and classic cruisers all close to the action on Porphyry Cove.


Finding a way through the roots to clear a space for an outhouse receptacle.


Many hands, makes light work. Perviously constructed by the Silver Islet Yacht Club and Friends of Porphyry Island, this outhouse was moved further away from the Lake Superior watershed and into a more secluded area.


The dock crew worked hard to re-clad an existing wood and concrete structure. Offering a safe landing for boaters.


Young Madame Artist aboard a voyagers  freighter canoe, stakes her claim and allegiance to Canada. At Porphyry Cove many dreams begin. Home of the Porphyry Island Pan-Superior Rendezvous put on by TBYC and hosted by CLLS, August 13-14.


Several committee meetings,  planning sessions, and emails to enable the dock crew to get their work done.


Chris Artist (yellow shirt) and Ari Koivu work on rolling paint onto the walls of the Gordon Graham Gallery and Theatre. Opens this summer.


After a successful weekend, the boatyard crew departs back across Black Bay to Silver Islet Dock. Fulfilled by good service to the community and excited to return back into the adventure again soon.


Porphyry Island Lighthouse is looking great thanks to our supporters, suppliers, sponsors and especially to the volunteers, for their hard work.