Home > General > Lighthouse Dispatches August 30, 2016

The sailing vessel Frodo providing the first-leg of an adventure for two winning couples which arrives at the Porphyry Island Lighthouse dock.

As the vessel is tied to the new floating dock, smiles abounded and anticipation grows as the passengers come ashore.

For Peggy & Arthur Petersen and Melissa & Dalas Hrabok, several weeks prior, it was only a dream to imagine a trip to the island and the lighthouse. Now with blue skies and favourable temperatures their island adventure is about to begin.

“We’ve been on cruises and the scenery is just as beautiful” said Arthur as he pushed his wheelbarrow full of personal effects up the trail towards the lighthouse. While Melissa said “I have no expectations as to what to expect about the lighthouse experience”.

When the couples have settled in, they were provided a tour of the island amenities and given a couple of safety tips to follow while on-site. “Journeying up the tower was not easy but once up, the view was spectacular.”

Friday night’s dinner and all meals were provided by the Prince Arthur Hotel’s, Port Side Restaurant including; award winning, Chef Michael (Hoss) Ellchook’s ribs.

On Saturday morning and with favourable weather, the guest go out with Archie’s Fishing Charters and catch four, “six-pounders” of varying species including; a Coho Salmon, Chinook salmon, Lake Trout, and Walleye.winnersssss

Later as the sunsets Dalas said he was “surprised at the number of lighthouses that could be seen from Porphyry Island” which included; Passage Island and Isle Royal to the south, Angus and Trowbridge lighthouses towards the west.

With fresh breeze blowing through the upstairs windows a good nights sleep was had by all ready for some hiking on the final day. Discovering the Black Sands Beach on the south side of the island Peggy says, “the scenery is breathtaking and an eye opening experience”.

For the final leg home, the clatter of a helicopter can be heard overhead. Wisk Air chopper sets down on target and on time, to collect the four lucky winners of the Magic 99.9 and Country 105.3 Radio station contests.

Meanwhile back on the dock down at the cove a skin diver is pulling out old tires and logs from the lighthouses’ water lot. Ryan Hamlin of Lakehead Technical Diving mentions to me ” there are enough tires for a car” which are wheeled behind the boathouse.

Looking down into the clear water, you see what progress has been achieved which satisfies one of the Great Lakes Guardian Community Fund objects. Canadian    Lighthouses of Lake Superior received $24,500 to clean up around the waterfront along with three or four other conservation projects.

Now as the summer winds down, our summer staff have left for school, we are starting to finish up the projects for the season. Next week we’ll look at the impact the lighthouse group has made, and what the future might hold.