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Since 2017, the Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program has welcomed artists to Pt. Porphyry Island Lighthouse in northwestern Ontario, Canada in July and August. Pt. Porphyry or Kawagha.mish to the Indigenous peoples, is the last in a chain of volcanic islands from Lake Superior’s Black Bay Peninsula. In 1873, Porphyry Island was home to the second lighthouse constructed on the Canadian side of Lake Superior. The light was automated in 1989 and eventually fell into disrepair holding its stories and secrets amid memories and the persistent transactions between the forest, the water, and the weather.

The residency is an opportunity for an artist to work to cultivate their artistic practice within the natural beauty of Porphyry Island Lighthouse and Porphyry Island Provincial Park Nature Reserve.

Considerations for the eight one-week summer residencies are given to established professionals, and emerging Canadian and international artists in any genre or medium. Applications from artists of all cultural and regional communities are encouraged. Proposed projects should take into account the island’s infrastructure. While there is cellular service, WIFI and electrical power resources are limited. For artists reliant on devices or specialized equipment to accomplish their work, please consider and ask if you have questions. Artists are responsible for providing their own arts materials and equipment.

During their stay, artists are encouraged to provide informal outreach activities with visitors to the island.

Each one-week term includes boat transportation to and from Porphyry Island, a private bedroom, and a small studio space in a shared accommodation with kitchen, living room, and washroom. Artists will share in the preparation of food that is provided as part of the package. The shared accommodation is with CLLS summer staff and host keepers.

Each artist resident will be required to pay a $310 fee to help offset expenses related to boat transportation, accommodation, and general upkeep.

Family, friends, and pets may not stay overnight at the residence. Arrangements can be made to accommodate overnight requests at the guesthouse or camping areas. 



Applications for summer residencies in 2023 are now open. Deadline for applications is Thursday, March 31, 2023.

Please include only the required material in your proposal package.

Application Proposals Must Include:

  1. A Cover Letter (maximum of two pages) including:
  • Why you’re interested in this residency and how you think you will benefit from the program as an artist. How do you intend to engage in outreach with staff and the general public?
  • Contact Information (Name, Pronouns, Email Address, Mailing Address, Telephone)
  • Website URL
  • If you have social media, please provide your Instagram and/or Facebook handle.
  • Artistic Discipline
  • First and second choice preferred residency dates. Indicate session numbers.

                                                Summer 2023 Residency Sessions

                                              Session 1: July 2 – July 9

                                              Session 2: July 9 – July 16

                                              Session 3:  July 16 – July 23                 

                                              Session 4:  July 23 – July 30

                                              Session 5: July 30 – August 6

                                              Session 6: August 6 – August 13

                                              Session 7: August 13 – 20

                                              Session 8: August 20 – 27


  1. Project Description (Maximum of 300 words)
  2. Current CV with a record of your artistic achievements and professional experiences (Maximum of Three Pages)
  3. Six Images of your work saved as .jpg files. Label each image with the name of the work, the year it was created, and you surname.



The eight residencies will be selected by a committee of arts community leaders and Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior.


Please include only the requested material in your proposal package. Packages that don’t include the requested material will be deemed incomplete. Deadline for applications is Friday, March 31, 2023.

Send proposals to

Please allow 4 weeks for notification. Only successful applicants will be contacted. Results will be posted on the CLLS website and social media.


“The island is very accessible with a variety of places to go and things to do; from the  Black Sands Beach and nighttime photography to arctic alpine flora and fauna, there’s an abundance of opportunities” Lois Nuttall – Photographer