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“the island is very accessible with a variety of places to go and things to do; from the  Black Sands Beach and nighttime photography to arctic alpine flora and fauna, there’s an abundance of opportunities” Lois Nuttall – Photographer AIR 2017

Applications are Opening on February 13.

Program Outline: The Artist-in-Residence (AIR) program will operate for the summer at Porphyry Island Lighthouse and 4 qualifying artists will be provided with: transportation, room & board and studio/gallery space to develop art. The AIR program allows an artist to practice and share their art experience with visitors. Last year’s artists enjoyed the black sands beach, Lake Superior, the isolation and the dark night skies.

Call for Artists: The Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc. (CLLS) is looking for artists who would like to create in a quiet, natural setting and who would be inspired by the experience. Whether you’re a writer, sculptor, painter, sketch artist, or practice other forms of art, CLLS encourages all interested artists to apply. 

The chosen Artist-in-Residents will be provided; transportation to-and-from Porphyry, food & lodging, along with studio & gallery space for a mutually agreed 2 weeks period (note you are responsible to find your way to Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada). As a resident of the lighthouse your main responsibilities will be to share your work with visitors and at the end of the residency, artists will be asked to donate a piece of their work to be auctioned at the CLLS’s annual lighthouse fundraiser.

Residency Details: The residence will be in a shared setting with CLLS summer lighthouse staff and host keeper volunteers. The common areas/ kitchen is available so that everyone can eat together. Studio space will be in an area easily accessible by visitors and guests, so be prepared for drop-ins daily. Family, friends, and relatives, including pets may not stay overnight at the residence, but arrangements can be made to accommodate overnight requests at the guesthouse or camping areas. TBayTel (Rogers) provides cellular service and there is LIMITED WiFi access onsite. There is limited power and artists are expected not to at all be reliant on computers and tablets to accomplish their work.

The Artist is responsible for obtaining their own equipment and materials. Artists are welcome to sell their art onsite, with a small commission paid to CLLS. Volunteers and staff are in place to facilitate some needs of the Artist-in-Resident but it is expected that everyone pitches-in, without being asked.

Application Process: In order to qualify for the AIR program, interested artists are required to submit the following documents and samples:  

Step 1- create your cover letter

Step 2- answer questionnaire

Step 3- attach your resume, images, references and questionnaire

Step 4- send application 

Create a cover letter to include:

  1. Description of what you will do as an Artist-in-Residence?
  2. Why you want to be an Artist-in-Residence? (200 words)
  3. Preferred dates? (see below for available dates)
  4. Your contact info, email, phone number

Answer the following questionnaire:

  1. What are your qualifications as an artist, skill sets and background? (250 words)
  2. How will you engage daily with visitors young and old? (100 words)

Finally, Include with your cover letter:

  1. your resume
  2. attach and save image files with last name and image no. e.g. smith.24
  3. questionnaire
  4. please include your surname in the saved file name (e.g. smith2.doc)

Deadline March 15th, 2020


Artist in Residence Terms

Artist in Residence #1:  July 5-19                

Artist in Residence #2: July 19 -  Aug 2     

Artist in Residence #3: Aug 2 – Aug 16                     

Artist in Residence #4: Aug. 16 – Aug 30   


Creatively perched on Point Porphyry Island rocks, Michel Dumont’s sculpture can be seen. Credit: Donny Wabasse.