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Builders on Superior Shores (B.O.S.S.) was a program that provide young women between the ages of 14-17 a five-day opportunity to stay and learn about the lighthouse. The Thunder Bay Community Foundation Annual Grant Program provided funding.

Become Involved. Live history. A host keeping family builds a picnic table at Porphyry last season.

The participant in the program got to learn some of the basic skills in the trades by helping to build amenities for Porphyry Island such as picnic tables, benches and chairs. Gaining ten hours of volunteer work and staying on the island for a five days got to participate in programming activities. These included canoeing, campfires, and evening games. The participants also learned about the history of the island, gain camping experience, built leadership skills, and made new friends.

Upon completion of our program each participant got a Tie-dye shirt! 

The program will not be operating this season but if you have a group of girls, and a chaperone, you’re welcome to apply as a group retreat.

Summer staff build a bike rack.