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Becoming a board member to the Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior requires first that you are a member of the organization in good standing. Then an election at the Annual General Meeting is held and at that time you will need to have been nominate by a member to put your name forward. A vote is held and if you are successful  you become a member of the board.  Another vote is held annually by the board of directors for executive position as Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary or Treasurer, or you may wish to remain as a board member ‘at large’ which is a general posting.

What does a Board of Director of CLLS do?

  • uphold the mandate; to preserve, protect and promote public access to Canadian Lighthouses on Lake Superior
  • undertake an orientation session and receive your ‘board guide booklet’
  • attend 8 meetings annually, (usually on a Wednesday night) Approx. 20hrs annually
  • attend one fundraising event, our annual dinner, because it’s fun!
  • help-out volunteering for summer work-parties, usually in June
  • assist the Managing Director with little assignments
  • volunteer at public information displays, sometimes at the Farmers Market
  • take-on more responsibilities by being on the executive
  • membership fee is a requirement to be a board member

Canadian Lighthouse booth at the Farmers Market March 2017