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A new event to the lighthouse roster this year is the lighthouse carnival taking place on August 29. This fundraising event features corn on the cob entertainment, lighthouse tour, film and a ecological exhibit.

The event is limited to 60 people and will follow Heath Canada guidelines regarding outdoor activities.

Due to extra boating traffic, it is suggested that Walkers Channel and Edward Island be used for additional mooring. (see below)

Entertainment is provided by the Scott Van Teeffelen Band and will perform a few sets during the day. The film showing in the gallery will features the Graham Family in a 1980 CBC production of life as a keeper.

Corn on the Cob, Vic Miller – french fries, salad, and other items will be added to eat during the carnival. The BBQ will be available for doing your own thing.

EcoSuperior and Ocean Bridge – Direct Action program will be sharing their weather & ecology data experience in the Porphyry Island Provincial Park – Nature Reserve.

Lighthouse tours will be scheduled for new visitors to the island at the point. Monarch Butterflies are hoping to attend prior to leaving for Mexico.

To purchase a trip on the Carnival Charter with Archie’s or to purchase a ticket, please click on Book Now

Tickets are $50 per person and includes above activities.

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