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Volunteering at a lighthouse restoration is a lot of fun and hard work. We appreciate the support that volunteers provide to these projects knowing in the future more will come to understand and appreciate the value of lighthouse preservation.

Booking the trip requires a membership and transportation to the site. Click here to book your membership and trip. This is a two step process. 1. book your membership 2. book your transport. Once you have booked your membership. Reclick above link and navigate to book your transport. Thank you.


Volunteers to depart from Silver Islet, starting Saturday morning at 9am and return around 4:30pm to Silver Islet. Regarding the Silver Islet departure point, parking is limited, carpooling is a good idea.

Bring your own lunch or create something for a potluck style.

We will be tilling the garden, cutting the main trail of any winter blow down, doing any landscaping around the homestead. Doing spring cleaning of the two homesteads, and organizing the wood piles for future guests.

Volunteer will need to:

Dress in layers. Wear protective cloths against the elements. Have suitable foot ware for walking, hiking and working. Purchase a membership and charter boat for the 2019 season: go to ‘Reservations’ on the website. Be prepared to work upon arrival, and enjoy a pot luck picnic lunch, there is limited free time.

Here is a clean up that took place at the Trowbridge Lighthouse site last summer.

Dulux Paint Helps

With the help of Dulux Paint we have already managed to get some work done on the Trowbridge Island Lighthouse. Many volunteers helped paint the old keepers duplex dwelling on the exterior. We are working on a project with the Guardian Fund to clean up the site too. Thanks to our dedicated vounteers and to Charelen and Shawn Vansomeren from the Dulux store on Memorial.

Posted by Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc. on Monday, July 9, 2018