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Trowbridge Lighthouse Clean-up,  June 17-18.

The Lighthouse Trail starts in Thunder Bay and the Lighthouse Group operates three locations that include: Trowbridge, Porphyry, and Number.10.

Volunteering at a lighthouse restoration is a lot of fun and hard work. We appreciate the support that volunteers provide to these projects knowing in the future more will come to understand and appreciate the value of lighthouse preservation.


Volunteers to depart from Silver Islet starting Saturday morning at 8am and return Sunday to Silver Islet. Parking will be limited, carpooling is a good idea.


Bring your own lunch. Share in a Pot Luck Dinner.  Staying over night? Bring your tent.

  • Clear Dwelling Grounds and Restore
  • Dust and clean accessible buildings
  • Dust and clean fog alarm building
  • Dust and Clean light tower
  • Clean back trail to boathouse
  • Repair Concrete Pathway
  • Clean up Outhouse grounds
  • Clean up front lawn.
  • Establish water connection
  • Establish Solar Connection
  • Measure Docking for future Fitting

Volunteer will need to:

  • registered with us at volunteer
  • purchase a membership
  • be available for Saturday and return Sunday
  • let us know your questions by emailing  one of our board members.

Imagine you could be volunteering one minute and then next, admiring the view and asking yourself, how did i get here?

Outlining the amenities and trail structures at Trowbridge to be opened up in 2018.