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Our island and on line gift shops allows you to shop for items to remind you of your visit or to share with a love one. Select your size, select your t-shirt in white or grey, below and you will be directed to our online portal. Deliveries of items are only available in the Thunder Bay area unless other arrangements are made.


There are two styles of t-shirt on white or grey for male or female, click on size to make a purchase. The price only $25!

Select Type: Male/Female, Select Size s,m,l,xl in Grey or White
T-Shirt – Female – Grey – XL
T-Shirt – Female – Grey – Large
T-Shirt – Female – Grey – Medium
T=Shirt – Female – Grey – Small
T-Shirt – Female – White – Small
T-Shirt – Female – White  Medium
T-Shirt – Female – White – Large
T-Shirt – Female – White – XL
T-Shirt – Male – White – Small
T-Shirt – Male – White – Medium
T-Shirt – Male – White – Large
T-Shirt – Male – White – XL
T-Shirt – Male – Grey – Small
T-Shirt – Male – Grey – Medium
T-Shirt – Male – Grey – Large
T-Shirt – Male – Grey – XL
Shipping Extra if shipped outside of Thunder Bay.


Made locally of white china with hand drawn lighthouse, as a complete set (see below) or as individual mugs. Single $15 Lighthouse Trail Collector’s Set $70 – only deliver within Thunder Bay or shipping with special arrangements.

Mug sales – Thunder Bay Main
Mug sales – Trowbridge Island
Mug sales – Porphyry Island
Mug sales – No 10 Light
Mug sales – Silver Islet Hub
Mug sales – Lighthouse Trail Collection
Shipping Extra if outside of the City of Thunder Bay


Supporting destinations on Lake Superior with a purchase of our newest gift item the CLLS Burgee (pennant). Its quickly become a favourite to our visitors.

Click on the Burgee to order.

Wifi Connection

Looking to connect online while visiting the lighthouse site, let us know and we’ll hook you in. 10 dollars per day.