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As a Weekend Retreat Visitor on Porphyry Island you will be immersed in the beautiful surroundings and environment that the former light keepers and their families called home. But getting there is half the fun.

Learn about the challenges, resilience and sacrifices of being a Light keeper and experience what it was like to live on an isolated-island surrounded by the changing moods of Lake Superior.

Enjoy panoramic views, black-sand beaches, all while staying at a historic Lake Superior Island lighthouse.  Step into the role of Light Keeper for the weekend and embrace Lake Superiors’ history, awe and beauty. Follow in the footsteps of former keepers and immerse yourself in history or make up your own schedule and do a session on photography, yoga, fitness, lighthouse book reviews, environmentalists issues or do some art.

By day, enjoy the light keepers’ experience while engaging in your own programming.  Do morning and afternoon sessions at our many locations, such as; the boathouse, lighthouse dwelling, campgrounds, beaches or at the Gordon Graham Gallery. By night enjoy relaxing in the sauna, sitting by the campfire or be dazzled by the illumination of stars in the dark sky. The keeper’s dwelling provides basic amenities for your three-day stay including a kitchen helper and an opportunity to order in your own supplies.

Enjoy the nature of the Lake Superior environment that keepers embraced. Visit the black-sand beaches to see where wrecks have come ashore. Spot the beach-glass from broken bottles and pottery left behind. You’ll find-out time runs at a different pace!

As a Weekend Retreat Visitor, Porphyry Island Lighthouse package costs $300 per-person (Min. 6 Max. 12). Departing on Thursday you’ll receive an orientation from your charter captain about Lake Superior before arriving at the island. After your lighthouse interpretive tour, you’ll have lunch in the keepers dwelling. Pack your sleeping bag and pillowcase for your overnight stay; bring layered clothing for changing conditions. The dwelling accommodates six people, 1 double bed, 2 single-beds, and 1 bunk bed, includes on-site solar & generator power and running water. WiFi is available for people to post their adventures online or email home.  Your food previsions are included in a set menu, or you can opt out and look after yourselves. Once you have received your basic orientation and tour you can start your retreat programming.

Tentative Departure Dates

July 2-5   Silver Islet Hub

July 9-12     Silver Islet Hub

July 16-19   Silver Islet Hub

July 230-26  Silver Islet Hub

July 30-2    Silver Islet Hub

Aug 6-9   Silver Islet Hub

Aug 13-16     Silver Islet Hub

Aug 20-23    Silver Islet Hub

Aug 27 -30   Silver Islet Hub