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the Keepers of History, of Nautical Survival of Natural Beauty of Lake Superior of Panoramic Views and of a Stargazing Explosion… 

What will make your lighthouse experience exclusive?

Melding Credit: Donny Wabasse

Will it be the black sands beach between your toes, the stunning 260 degree panoramic tower view, a nature walks that engulfs the senses, or the amount of history that you unearth with our extensive interpretive programming? 

What will it take to make you take a second look?

Creatively perched on Point Porphyry Island rocks, Michel Dumont’s sculpture can be seen. Credit: Donny Wabasse.

Check-out our programming that includes the ever popular Artist-in-Residence Program, Water Rendezvous, Regattas or join to be a Volunteer Host Light Keeper or be a tourist and take our pampered Exclusive Tour!

Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc. (CLLS) is supporting a movement to; preserve, protect and promote public access to 3 amazing sites. 


Porphyry, Number Ten and Trowbridge Lighthouses are maintained by CLLS and the active membership.

Restoring these navigational aids and securing our history, the stories, is an important priority and by becoming a member and through your support, you’ll be actively helping the preservation of Canada’s Lake Superior Lighthouse heritage.  

Membership includes a: quarterly newsletter, event invitations, volunteer opportunities, and reduced rental rates for the lighthouse dwelling. 

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