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Would you like to be a host keeper for a one week term?

Building picnic tables as a family.

Host Keeping is a working holiday for people who’d like to experience living at a lighthouse while helping to build upon others work to engage visitors to this historic site, which this season will mark 150 Years!

Preparing for an event.

CLLS offers opportunities each year for Host Keepers to visit for a week-long stay at Porphyry Island during the summer season. Host Keepers live in a shared environment with their own bedroom, cooking their own food, and helping out whenever they like on volunteer projects. Couples, small families, and individuals are invited to apply.

Your journey begins with a charter boat ride from Silver Islet that will include a tour of the local silver mine. Upon arrival you will receive a guided tour and safety orientation of the island and its many attractions. And when you are settled in and relaxed in the common space, make a meal in the kitchen or go for a walk on the many trails and beaches.

Sauna supply.

Being a host keeper includes, transportation ($105 pp) to-and-from the island and room rental ($210) includes 1 double bed, 2 camp cots. The charter schedule is every Sunday afternoon.

If you’d like to apply CLLS will be starting to take applications in February 2023.

  1. Send us an email and put “Host Keeper 2023” in the subject line.
  2. Tell us how you found out about the opportunity?
  3. In 250 words tell us why you’d like to be a host keeper?
  4. If you would like to volunteer, what skills do you bring?
  5. Referring to the list below, what dates are you interested in?

Final confirmation for a term as a Host Keeper will be determined on; your response to the email questions, dates available and payment of the fees two weeks prior to your term.

Host Keeper #1 – Depart Silver Islet – June 25- July 2, 2023

Host Keeper #2 – Depart Silver Islet – July 2 – July 9, 2023 Booked by HC

Host Keeper #3 – Depart Silver Islet – July 9 – 16, 2023 Booked by GM

Host Keeper #4 – Depart Silver Islet – July 16 – 23, 2023 Booked by MS

Host Keeper #5 – Depart Silver Islet – July 23 – 30, 2023 Booked by TL

Host Keeper #6 – Depart Silver Islet – July 30 – Aug. 6, 2023 Booked by MC & OH

Host Keeper #7 – Depart Silver Islet – Aug. 6 – 13, 2023 Booked by LD

Host Keeper #8 – Depart Silver Islet – Aug. 13 – 20, 2023 Booked by PK

Carlo Franco came as a guest to explore the island and find sea glass.