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Can you handle the elements of Lake Superior?

Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior offers volunteers an opportunity to be a Host Keeper for a week-long stay at Porphyry Island during the summer season.

All positions have been filled and we thank all of our volunteers for the 2019 season for helping us.

If in the 2020 season you are looking to be a Host Keeper then applications will accepted in the new year.

Host Keeping requires a volunteer to help out for five-hours daily, meet & greet visitors, assist with grounds keeping and help in the preparation of meals. Couples, small families, singles work well with our program.

Learn more from 2018 Host Keeper Heather McLeod! This presentation was made at the annual fundraising dinner in May 2019.

Let Heather McLeod share her journey with you as a host keeper from Porphyry Island.

Would you like to be a host keeper for a one week term? If so please read the basic outline below, and email us your response.

We have one double bed and a cot in a large master bedroom, for a couple or small family. See video for more detail on the expectations of being a host keeper.

There is a cost per person to be a host keeper, each individual needs to purchase a $20 dollar membership and $200 for transportation and food allowance.

The membership is to cover insurance for your stay and provides you with a connection to the organization through future e-blasts and event notices.

Our food menu is basic, and we have learned to accommodates different tastes and diets. We have a set menu that we will share with you in advance. You are welcome to bring other food to supplement your needs.

Prior to your term we would provide you with an orientation document to help you acclimatize to your new surroundings. Please take 15 minutes and watch the video above by Host Keeper and board member Elaine Lynch.

  1. Send us an email and put “Host Keeper” in the subject line.
  2. Tell us why you would like to be a host keeper?
  3. Tell us what skills you bring to the lighthouse or project ideas?
  4. Let us know your availability by selecting one or more date(s) below.

Being confirmed for a term as a Host Keeper will be determined on; your response to the email questions, the dates that you are available and accepting and understanding the conditions as described in the video our previous host keeper.