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Role Description: Hostkeeper

PurposeTo provide the human resources needed to manage and maintain the site for visitors. To provide an opportunity for people to share their skills and talents. To offer a working vacation in an historical site.
ResponsibilitiesComplete daily operational and maintenance tasks Meet and greet the tourists, collect fees, operate the gift shops, lead self-guided tour Assist with kitchen duties, especially tourists lunches on Thursday and Sunday. Contribute to food services for self and other volunteer staff Special projects as discussed with Managing Director
ReportingUnder the direction of the Managing Director In accordance with the health and safety and other key policies of CLLS
Training and OrientationReview roles and responsibilities of people on site Review health and safety policies Review list of daily chores Discuss how particular skills and talents can be employed at the lighthouse Site orientation and specific tasks for the week
In advancePerson completes application form which discusses expectations and areas of contribution Review the Orientation Package to be prepared for the experience
What’s in it for the VolunteerMaking a contribution in a unique and beautiful place, for others to enjoy today and in the future Using your unique skills and talents in service of something that is bigger than yourself Being part of the lighthouse community Experience life on the island as a parallel to lighthouse keepers of the past
What is providedTransportation from Silver Islet to Porphyry Island, return Accommodation in one room in the bunkhouse Meals, with contribution to preparation and clean up
WhenOne week – Sunday to Sunday, July, July, August

Would you like to be a host keeper for a one week term?

Host Keeping is a working holiday for people who’d like to experience living at a lighthouse while helping to build upon others work to engage visitors to this historic site, which this season will mark 151 Years!

Preparing for an event.

CLLS offers opportunities each year for Host Keepers to visit for a week-long stay at Porphyry Island during the summer season. Host Keepers live in a shared environment with their own bedroom, help in the kitchen to prepare meals, and lends a hand whenever there’s a volunteer projects on the go. Couples, small families, and individuals are invited to apply.

Your journey begins with a charter boat ride from Silver Islet on the end of the Sleeping Giant where you get to see local silver mine, underwater! Upon arrival on the other side of Black Bay and after a short safety orientationyour tour hits many interesting aspect of this isolated island. When you have settled in the common space, make a meal in the kitchen, or go for a walk on the many trails and beaches.

Being a host keeper includes, transportation ($105 pp) to-and-from the island and room rental ($210) includes 1 double bed, 2 camp cots and food provision ($100). The charter schedule is every Sunday afternoon and returns the following Sunday usually in the morning.

If you’d like to apply CLLS will be starting to take applications in February 2024 until March 31st.

  1. Send us an email and put “Host Keeper 2024” in the subject line.
  2. Tell us how you found out about the opportunity?
  3. In 250 words tell us why you’d like to be a host keeper?
  4. As a volunteer what skills do you bring?
  5. Referring to the list below, what dates are you interested in?

Final confirmation for a term as a Host Keeper will be determined on; your response to the email questions, dates available and payment of the fees two weeks prior to your term.

We will notify you that we have received your application.

Host Keeper #1 – June 23

Host Keeper #2 – June 30

Host Keeper #3 – July 7

Host Keeper #4 – July 14

Host Keeper #5 – July 21

Host Keeper #6 – July 28

Host Keeper #7 – Aug. 4

Host Keeper #8 – Aug. 11

Host Keeper #9 – Aug. 18