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As a member of the Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc. (CLLS) you’ll be actively supporting the preservation of Canada’s Lighthouse heritage, stories and buildings for years to come. You can purchase a your membership here.

IMG_9465Living in the vastness of Northwestern Ontario,  these lighthouse sites operations is assisted through memberships.

Big business and governments do help, but by purchasing a membership it assists with CLLS’s  ability to build and share the story of lighthouses to a broader population. When you arrive at one of our 3 lighthouse sites you will want the trails to be cleared and accessible and someone to show you the many interpretive sites! To do these things, not only are volunteers needed but your financial support helps.

Single Memberships allows members access to guided tours, the tower and the Gordon Graham Gallery and Theatre, mini museum, interpretive signs and a new sauna.

Membership includes e-blasts, event invitations, opportunities to volunteer, access to our Lighthouse Tour, and to Porphyry Island guest-house when you are volunteering.IMG_7651 You will also receive your first entrance fee for free.

As the lighthouse group expands its footprint and builds the lighthouse trail eastward from the City of Thunder Bay, memberships help keep interested people informed, while providing a little revenue for CLLS to help pay monthly insurance instalments, or assisting in the hiring of more summer students. Every little bit helps.

IMG_7692This year we will see some extra services provided on Porphyry Island increasing the value of your membership. Our onsite  WiFi has been popular to capture people’s adventure on line. We now have a sauna install along with more accommodating docks and a new propane fridge. The National Marine Conservation Area has also enhanced the site with more interpretive signs on the history and wildlife of the island and has introduced the “Red Chairs” campaign.

Without the seed money that memberships bring to the organization the value of a visit would be lessened. Please consider purchasing a single membership this year, and be part of something bigger.