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Porphyry Island Lighthouse Docks


Assistant Lighthouse Keeper 


Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc. (CLLS) is a not for profit organization developing tourism destination at the Porphyry, Trowbridge and Number Ten Lighthouses on Lake Superior. The organization is seeking two students who are enrolled in a college or university program and will be returning to school in the fall.

The Lighthouse Trail which covers three of the four leased locations currently operated by CLLS.


Interested candidates must have a strong customer service background, feel comfortable talking to visitors and be able to engage in onsite interpretive programs and tours. A passion for the outdoors is an asset. Students who are interested in nautical history, appreciate the role lighthouses play in history will be considered as appropriate for the work

Main Duties

The main duties of the summer student will be to ensure that all lighthouse guests have an opportunity to access, understand, participate, and further explore the lighthouse station and surroundings. The student may also be asked to assist the lighthouse organization with day-to-day administrative tasks, and yard works. Work occasionally will take place at other lighthouse stations such as Trowbridge, Number Ten & also at our new attraction in Thunder Bay. Check out this video.


  • help to operate a lighthouse
  • meet and greet tourists and guests
  • provide orientation tours to guests
  • help develop interpretive programming
  • assist with community events
  • track and enter data to daily log
  • share attractions: mini museum, gallery and tower with tourists
  • do a research project of your own choosing

Some of our needs

  • returning to school in the fall
  • some local knowledge of the area history
  • drivers licence to get to the Silver Islet dock
  • desire to learn more about regional lighthouse trends
  • understanding on how to orient visitors to an attraction
  • basic first aid, CPR (optional)


Employment would be for two months from July to August and be accompanied by a wage of $14 per hour at 35 hours per week. Lighthouse accommodations and food is provided along with WiFi access and transport on/off the island.


If interested send us your resume & cover letter. Explain in your cover letter why you are motivated to work for the summer term at Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior.

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April 6, 2018

Voyageur Outward Bound School.