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Be a light keeper and explore what it was like to operate a Lake Superior lighthouse on an Island 35 km from Thunder Bay.   reserve now

Start your experience on the shores of Lake Superior in Thunder Bay and take a 60 minute ride across Thunder Bay and Black Bay to Porphyry Island Lighthouse.   

Throughout the journey, unwrap the mystery of how a Canadian dream was realized through lighthouses and share in the panoramic views of the Sleeping Giant.

Jump aboard the Superior Rocket

Learn about our nautical lighthouse history, unique arctic climate, and experience the light keepers’ stories through our interpretive panels and guides.

Lighthouse enthusiasts working hard to make keep the site tidy.

Climb down from the light tower after enjoying a panoramic view and enjoy a picnic lunch of locally sourced ingredients.

Artist Eileen K. Hennemann shows her work to some visiting MNR(F) students.

On route to our island attraction guests ride the Superior Rocket and learn why Lake Superior Lighthouses played a unique role in building Canada. Assistant Light keepers and First Nations partners act as guides and share the culture, interpretive exhibits and histories that showcase the Island’s natural beauty.

Delicious locally sourced picnic lunches are provided to the guests before your stroll back to the boat.

Includes a guided tour, stunning scenery and a locally sourced picnic lunch.

Visitors would have a 2 ½ hour stay on the island and can explore the trails and beach before returning home.  Guests receive a CLLS membership and a post card take away. reserve now