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Lighthouse Trail

Number 10 Lighthouse is located another 15 km east of  Porphyry Island Lighthouse on the North Channel which is a recreational boater passage east and west. The #10 Island is located close to a bigger island called Shaganash. Locals sometimes refer to this light as Shaganash Lighthouse. The island has little to no amenities, but does include a ThunderBox and picnic table for visitors. Camping areas are located on the beach or on the higher ground near the lighthouse. The lighthouse is not open for public viewing but could be opened upon request. The lighthouse was built of wood in 1922 and went automatic in 1954. Future amenities are being planned currently and by the end of the 2016 season there may be some improvements.


Paul Morralee and Lissi Ranta paint Number Ten Lighthouse.

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Map showing all Canadian Lighthouses on Lake Superior.