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Porphyry Island Lighthouse Annual Clean-up

On June 3, 2017, twenty volunteers assembled for the annual Porphyry Island Clean-up. This required a day and a half work for everyone involved, requiring many different skills and abilities. From the Dock restoration, to assembling a new bench, activities on the island was fuelled by an enthusiastic team of volunteers and board of directors.

Upon completion of the days work, a wonderful pot-luck supper was put together with a wide selection (that didn’t get all tasted  until lunch on the second day.)

Other projects included; building a new garden for the staff and visitors to attend to. New dock footings for one of our docks that will also be getting another 25 feet extension in the near future. Three new wagons were assembled, and a new bicycle trailer was also lovingly built to assist moving items back and forth from the boatyard. All the dwellings were sweetened up for the season, with water and power systems re-energized and a new chemical toilet system installed.


After a very busy day, and a great pot-luck supper, the group assembles for a picture in front of the lighthouse. ©2017 Nuttall Photography

Rusty the Tug arrives with supplies for the dock works, and clean up weekend with Mrs. Massey waiting patiently.

Joe, a long standing board member, measures fittings for the new chemical toilet install in both dwellings.

Sandy prepares the bedrooms for the upcoming season with a big happy smile.

Lois works on preparing the kitchen for the staff quarters in the Bunkhouse with fly swatter in hand.

Corinne and Libby prepare the Guest House Kitchen for the summer meals.

George, Michael and William create a garden in the original 1989 location.

June wrestles with the mop while cleaning up the Bunkhouse for this summers staff and artist in residence.

The dock is re-clad and a temporary skirt is added for boat to tie to.

Tyler plies his skills on dock works, while re-cladding Dock #1

Brothers Ryan & Doug, with great effort and many bubbles move debris from under and around the dock structures.

Above the basement Cistern sits a copper screen on the ceiling which is designed to keep animals out of the lighthouse water storage area.

Completed garden, waiting for the arrival of guests and staff. Surrounding the garden is chicken-wire, to keep out the many bunny rabbits.

Another clean up activity is taking place at Trowbridge Island Lighthouse on June 17th. if you are interested and you are a member and have filled out the volunteer form, we’d be happy to have you help out.