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Cancelled due to the pandemic. Please go to our youtube to see some long version presentation about history.

Come along on a journey as the Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior presents “The Lighthouse Trail

Speaker Series”. The trail stretches from Thunder Bay towards the east along the north shore of Lake

Superior and these presentations explore the history and beauty on the route. The speaker series is

based on the lighthouses and departure hubs along the way. Free admission. Donations warmly accepted.

February 27 @7pm Mary J.L. Black Library- featured focus Thunder Bay Main Lighthouse, introduction to lighthouse trail. Hansen & Lighthouse Players.

March 24 @7pmWaverley Library Auditorium- featured focus Trowbridge Island, the Lighthouse Trail Documentary. Hansen & the Lighthouse Players.

April 20 @7pm Waverley Library Auditorium- featured Porphyry Island BioBlitz and opportunity for discovery.

Lighthouse displays. Memberships available.