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Thank you to our Supporters!

Platinum $25,000 +

Ministry of the Environment, Ontario Guardian Fund

Human Resources Canada, Canada Summer Jobs

Parks Canada

Thunder Bay Yacht Club

Kropf Industrial Inc.

Gold $10,000

The Paterson Foundation

Tourism Thunder Bay

Great Lakes Foundation (Great Lakes Cruising Club)

Silver $5,000

Richard Marcella

Vibert Family  

Bronze $2,500

Dr. Stephen McCluskey

TbayTel for Good

Trans-Canada Trails- The Great Trail

Exquisite Gold & Gems

Costal Productions

Mr. & Mrs. Black

Supporters (>$500)

Stephanie Cressman

Mrs. M. Capon

Jennifer Marrack-Cohen

Margaret Colquhoun

Eve Graham

Gordon Graham

Kevin Graham

Hon. Patty Hadju, MP

Mr. Blake Haveluk 

Eileen K Hennemann

Archie Hoogsteen

Bruce Hyer

James Isaksen

Mr. J Fels

Dave Klages

Post Family

Joe Marcella

Tanis Marcella

Gloria McKay

Mr. Allan McNiece

Catherine Meharg

North Shore Puzzles

Lois Nuttal

Tony Ouwehand

Mr. Todd Sicliano

Ms. Christine Seeley

Ms. Stasia Starr

Bev Turpin

Mr. Greg Zelinski           

Friends of Porphyry (2002 – 2012)           

Scott and Mary Atkinson, Julie & Adam Vinet, Louise & Kevin Kennedy, Ron & Sally Kukko, Wanson Lumber, Peter Coslett & Gael Didloff, Dale & Peggy Shippam, Tom & Nancy Eaton, Tom & Debbie Matthews, Ted & Kaye Donnelly, Douglas & Bonnie Gould, Susan & Sonny Miller, Frank & Judy McEwan, Rick & Lynda Perrier, Robin & Gordie John, George & Catherine Pirie, Margie & Gordie Pedersen, Rhonda & John O’Hagan

Past Board of Directors (2012- 2022)           

George Armstrong

Theresa Kelly

Elaine Lynch

Darrell Makin

Richard Matheson

Joe Marcella

Shanlini Misir

Heather Mac Leod

Bob McKay – Founding Board Member (deceased)

Suzanne Sabaz

Susan Visser – Founding Board Member

Investment made by CLLS since incorporation in 2012

$294,040 cash value of volunteer hours

$313,659 investments, fundraising, user fees

Grand Total $607,699

Thank YOU!