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Imaging spending a night on the shores of Lake Superior, snug in your own tent or renting a tent for the night?

Sleeps 5 with camp cots provided, and a fire box.

The lighthouse group is excited to provide a new opportunity for visitors with a tenting opportunity for you and your friends or favourite somebody. The large 5 meter wide octagon tent can sleep four and will be furnished with heavy duty cots and a small wood stove. So just bring a sleeping bag and a pillow. We have a BBQ for you to cook on, a camp fire to sit around and lots of water to go swimming in, when the weather is right.

If you are arriving by boat, this extra room helps you host your overnight guests as space is often limited on a boat!

The cost is $100 for the tent which includes lots of activities including the sauna, fire pit, picnic tables, swimming areas, hiking trails and self guided tours. If you have any questions please let us know.

Click here to make a booking for the tent rental or for a campsite for the night.

The tent is 15 feet wide and is octagon in shape and sleeps five.