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Welcomed from a wide diversified background volunteers serve and support fundraising activities, on-site work, and administer our operation to help restore, promote and manage our heritage.


Vic Miller, CLLS Board Member and Jim Massey, Volunteer with the Thunder Bay Yacht Club at Porphyry Island Docks

There are many ways to volunteers for the lighthouse group and you are welcome to attend the spring cleanup which has already occurred and was a lot of fun.

Thanks to our volunteers in 2022

Some volunteers just show up and help out on specific duties such as dock works and other small projects during the summer months. Others come to the lighthouse as they have a project in mind.

Volunteer also act as interpreters for our visitors when for example they become a Host Keeper and can engage in programming activities, especially beneficial for students learning.

Volunteers also assist in administration, fundraising and public presentations. Want to be a volunteer? Let us know, and we’ll find a place for you to help out. We have some that spend a couple of hours doing a turn at the bingo nights with Superior Gaming Association on Memorial Avenue in Thunder Bay

Choose to engage your own work party?   Get a group together and organize your own volunteer party! We’ve received many volunteers hours from the Thunder Bay Yacht Club’s, Destinations Project which has been providing great results.