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Welcomed from a wide diversified background, volunteers serve and support fundraising activities, on-site work, and administer our operation to help restore, promote and manage our heritage. To apply to become a volunteer, fill out and send the form below.


Vic Miller, CLLS Board Member and Jim Massey, Volunteer with the Thunder Bay Yacht Club at Porphyry Island Docks

Volunteer’s we hear you! There are several ways to volunteers for the CLLS. For example; at the beginning of each season we ask for volunteers to help in spring clean up at Porphyry Island and this year Trowbridge too.   Check-out Island dates.

Volunteers may also help out on specific duties during the summer months.

Some volunteers just show up, having found their own way out by power, sail or paddle.

Volunteer also act as interpreters for our visitors, and can engage in programming activities, especially beneficial for students learning.

Volunteers assist in our administration, and our annual fundraising campaigns and public presentations.

Choose to orientate you own work crew.   Get a group together or organization and organize your own volunteer work crew! For example; the Thunder Bay Yacht Club’s, ”Destinations Project” volunteers repaired the docks, now better access for bigger boats.

If you would like to be a volunteer… fill out the form below.


Enjoy a sit down meal after some hard work on forest remediation. (Voyageur Outward Bound School)

Volunteers who participated in this years Spring Clean-up.

Volunteers who participated in the 2016 Spring Clean-up. Picture yourself here next year!








VOLUNTEER FORM- Please fill out if you wish to become a volunteer. Hit send when completed.

CLLS Inc. was established in February 2014 as a non-profit membership based organization. our mandate is to Preserve, Promote, and Restore Lighthouses on Lake Superior for use by the general public. Currently leased from the Department of fisheries and Oceans Canada add the following sites: Porphyry Point Lightstation, Trowbridge Island Lightstation and Number Ten Lighthouse.

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Other Work/ Volunteer Experience

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I give permission to use any photos/videos taken during volunteering for promotional purposes,

I understand that individuals interested in volunteering with CLLS may be required to attend an orientation session depending on the volunteer job/placement,

For insurance purposes we ask that all volunteers be a paid member of CLLS inc. Membership fee is $20 annually for single or $50 for family,

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