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Rendezvous at Silver Islet, meet your friends, take the charter across Gichi-Gumi and stay at the lighthouse as Weekender !

Imagine kids laughing, kites flying, the days your own.

The Porphyry Island Weekender is here!

Immersed in the island’s surroundings, warm black sands beaches with an ample cool breezes. Ever wonder what it would be like to be a light keeper looking over Lake Superior? Far from the buzz of the city lights? Closer to nature?

The Weekender includes three-nights, four days to explore this unique setting on Lake Superior.

Enjoy panoramic views, walks on the beach, all while staying at a historic light keeper’s dwelling.  Built in 1873 of local pine and government issue paint schemes, many light keepers families lived here for years on end. Minding the safety of ships passing near by is part of being a Weekender.

Imagine stepping into the role of Light Keeper family for a weekend and embracing Lake Superiors’ history, awe and beauty.

By day tour with our guides and Lighthouse Navigators and learn how the light keeper managed the light the challenges of settling on an isolated island.  Find out about what made up the character of a light keeper. Was it perseverance, loyalty, or just plain dedication?

By night enjoy a hot sauna, sit by the campfire and bedazzled by the illumination of thousands of stars in the dark night sky.

As a Weekender guest, Porphyry Island itinerary begins with a safety orientation and an interpretive tour, when you’re ready. Simply pack your sleeping bag for your overnight stay and bring layered clothing, for the changing moods of Superior.

Dusk at the light station.

About the Guest House, settling into the 1940’s keepers dwelling with wooden floors, gabled sashes and familiar red & white painted exterior, the three bedroom homestead provides basic comfort. The Guest House accommodates six people, 1 double bed, 2 rooms with 2 single-beds, includes on-site solar & generator power (on occasionally) , running water, propane stove and indoor plumbing. The experience is like glamping, but instead you are inside of a house. For forty-years families lived here, worked here and help build a nation through helping boats navigate the water.

Cost, for the Weekender for three nights, and four days with for example five people is nine-hundred and fifty dollars. The breakdown is $ 105 per-person for return charter fee and $150 per night for the guest house.

To complete a booking, you can depart on our Thursday scheduled charter, or organize your own trip out. Click to book transport or the guest house or email us with your question and we can create your booking.