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Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc. (CLLS), an umbrella organization represents a movement to restore, preserve, maintain and promote lighthouses that dot the northern shores of Lake Superior. Incorporated under the Ontario Historical Society, CLLS’s duty is to provide to the public access to these unique heritage locations.

In the upcoming season the group will continue to maintain three lighthouses leases in the region. Porphyry, Shaganash and Trowbridge Lighthouses which will be maintained by the group and provides a  catalyst for other community groups, government departments and heritage users to engaged.

As the majority of surplus lighthouses fall further into disrepair, time is of the essence. Restoring the navigational history and sharing the stories an important priority. Through the membership driven organization, work is being done to not only support our history, but also allows us to access our the environment we live in.

The organizations stretches from US/ Pigeon River Boarder (near Thunder Bay) and follows the shoreline to Sault Ste. Marie, approximately 800 km to the east and south. Simply stated, the Canadian Lighthouses on Lake Superior.