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Canadian Lighthouses of Lake Superior Inc. (CLLS), an umbrella organization represents a movement to restore, preserve, maintain and promote lighthouses to the general public. Incorporated under the Ontario Historical Society, CLLS’s duty is to provide the public access to these unique heritage locations.

The lighthouse trail under CLLS’s stewardship will continue to maintain three lighthouses leases in the region. Porphyry, Shaganash and Trowbridge Lighthouses which will be maintained by the group and provides a  catalyst for community groups, government departments, tourists and heritage users to engaged.

As the majority of surplus lighthouses fall further into disrepair, time is of the essence. Restoring the navigational history and sharing the stories an important priority. Through this membership driven organization, work is being done to not only support our history, but also allows the public to access the environment we live in.

The organizations stretches from US/ Pigeon River Boarder (near Thunder Bay) and follows the shoreline to Sault Ste. Marie, approximately 800 km to the east and south. Simply stated, the Canadian Lighthouses on Lake Superior.



Founding Committee with founder Susan Visser, Paul Capon, Bob McKay, Paul Morralee,

Archie Hoogsteen and D. Berube

Public Meeting held at Thunder Bay Public Library to build consensus (36)

Heritage Lighthouse Preservation Act 2009 referenced to begin petition process

Petitioned DFO for access to ten light stations from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie


Board Structure– created organization governance with membership

Ontario Historical Society– discussion on provincial Incorporation

Events– 1st Annual Lighthouse Symposium – Breakout groups, speakers

DocumentaryLighthouse Trail film showcases north shore of Lake Superior Lighthouses

Lease: Porphyry Island with Friends of Porphyry community group under Department of

Fisheries and Oceans Canada for five year term.


• Incorporated as not for profit under Ontario Historical Society, CRA Charitable Status Approved

Volunteer Hours 450

Revenues $1,489

Lease: Shaganash Light (5 years) , Porphyry Island (ongoing)

Membership 73, Newsletters, Rendezvous Events

Stakeholders: Thunder Bay Yacht Club, Silver Islet Yacht Club, Wilderness North, Wisk

Air Helicopters, Archie’s Fishing Charters, Lake Superior Water Trail, TransCanada Trail

Network, Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, Lakehead University, TbayTel, Ontario Parks,

Ontario Historical Society, Tourism Thunder Bay, Thunder Bay Yacht Club, Thunder Bay Public Library

Events– 2nd Annual Lighthouse Symposium, Show Lighthouse Trail Documentary

Activities– Lakehead University University Projects (10) Pie Island Lighthouse – discussion with Fort William First Nations, Silver Islet Dock- express interest to develop in the future, Friends of

Battle Island discussions


Lease: Porphyry & Shaganash (ongoing)

Stakeholder Addition: Thunder Bay Salmon Association, Save Our Shipwrecks, Superior

Underwater Club (SOS), Hearth of the Continent, Magic 99.9 and Country 105 FM

Developed: Risk Management Plan, visitor welcome policy, interpretive programs

Canada Summer Jobs – 1 student hired for summer

Volunteer Labour 1,286 hrs

Visitors to Lighthouse 266

Operations: included painting of boathouse, dock rehabilitation, update of grounds,

Website, Facebook are infilled with content, started with Meridian booking platform,

cleared grounds, painted homesteads, graveyard, cars, fuel berm, created assets


Activities– Maintain relationship with Battle Island, Silver Islet Dock – work with Silver

Islet Yacht Club on reopen

Survey – conducted with 67 people on the island, and 166 on mainland.

Membership -70 visitor experience enhanced through tour and boathouse history walk,

Events– First Annual Fundraising Dinner, film night at the marina, 2nd Rendezvous on the

water with the TBYC, at Porphyry with SUNORA visit first year, Outward bound visited

for the second year


Lease: Porphyry, Trowbridge, Shaganash

Volunteer hours 1,281 hrs

Visitors 345

Membership 72 single and families, Outward bound, photography groups, SUNORA

Regatta, outward bound, development of new flora booklet

Events- Annual Fundraising Dinner, First Annual Spring Cleanup held at Porphyry and


Programs: Canada Summer Jobs – Students (2) and Artist in Residence – First Season (4)

Shareholders: Ministry of Environment, Great Lakes Community Guardian Fund,

Thunder Bay Port Authority, Lakehead Transportation Museum Society, Lakehead

University Recreation and Tourism, Thunder Bay Public Library

Operations– boathouse painted, new outhouse locations, shore clean up, Docking

facilities enhanced

New safety Signage: Gallery & Theatre and CBC Film about family and

mini museum, House Rentals 8 nights, due to a major rescue on Lake Superior safety

signage updated.

Visitor Survey N.19

Media Coverage– Created Lighthouse Dispatch Series for the Chronicle Journal (10)

articles published, created extensive radio contest with local radio station.


Volunteer hours 1,833 hours

Visitors 550

Membership 55 including single and family

Programs: Artist in Residence Program (4) and Canada Summer Students attend (2)

Events- Annual Spring Cleanup held at Porphyry and Trowbridge, continues with book

clubs and outward bound groups, Canada 150 celebrations, TransCanada Celebrations,

Annual TBYC Sunora and Rendezvous Event, Silver Islet Yacht Club has a Rendezvous,

more book clubs attend with “the Lightkeeper’s Daughters’ Jean E. Penziwol, Lakehead Transportation Museum Society, brings home the Alexander Henry Icebreaker and aids to navigation.

Operations- Coastal walking trail, more docking, new mooring ball, compost toilets

installed. Lake Superior Water Trail signs (3) are added, Visitor Experience Signs (6) by

parks Canada installed at Porphyry,

Survey N.22

Activities: Byth Academy from Toronto does a major field trip

Media- Lighthouse Dispatches (8) articles written for local paper, Facebook Posts 49


Membership– 100 single and 24 family

Volunteer Hours 2,557

Events– Fundraising Dinner, Annual Spring Cleanup held at Porphyry and Trowbridge

Programs– Artist in Residence Program (4) Canada Summer Jobs (3) students, New Host

Keeper Program

Visitors – 660 new lighthouse tour with new host keeper program

Operations: New visitor reception area and gift shop, new sauna built, repaired building

steps, added 80′ of docking, Shaganash Island light is remediated of lead paint, and


Stakeholders: Thunder Bay Field Naturalists, Silver Islet Harbour Association- lighthouse

group becomes a partner at the table to take over docks at Silver Islet. Destination

Ontario, Superior Country (membership),

• Outreach – FB Posts 123, Lighthouse Dispatched (14) with local paper

• Analysis- K Gibbons and Dr. Rosenthal do a strategic visitor experience review of site,

Survey N.70

• Excursions – New Lightkeepers Tour with charter companies: Sail Superior from Tbay

and Archie’s Charters from Silver Islet

• Alexander Henry Museum Ship– Exhibit opened with museum room and professionally

produced panels and two 15ft lighthouse towers to book end 200 foot ship.

• Media- Lighthouse Dispatches (14) Facebook 150 posts, Instagram (48)

• Award from Ontario Historical Society – Scadding Award of Excellence.


Visitors 633

Volunteer Hours 2,254

Membership 144 with 130 single and 14 families

Programs: Host Keeper(13), Artist in Residence (4), Canada Summer Jobs (3)

Visitor Experience– New Brochure, Postcard Giveaways, Orientation Map, Branding Signage,

Operations: new golf cart and storage shed, new propane fridge, additional 60ft of

docking, new anchor system, new boathouse bbq.

Media– FB Posts 220, Lighthouse Dispatches (14), Instagram (10), Parks Canada assists

with building visitor interpretive narrative (v.6)

• Lease: Porphyry and Trowbridge updated to a ten-year lease

Events: Annual Fundraising Dinner, New Speakers Series, new Lighthouses Festival of

Music, Ocean Bridge Parks Canada Program added,

Survey N.15


Visitors 841

Volunteer Hours 1,654


Programs: Host Keeper(17), Artist in Residence (0), Canada Summer Jobs (2)

Events: Speaker Series, SUNORA Event, Corn Roast Butterfly Festival, Ocean Bridge

Parks Canada event, Cancelled: Fundraiser, Film Night, 3 Speakers Nights,

Programs: Host Keeper, Canada Summer Jobs, Summer Experience Program

Excursions: Prince Arthurs Landing Charter Lighthouse Tour, Silver Islet Charter Lighthouse Tour

• House Rentals, Room Rentals, Camping

Survey N.78 and 15 stakeholders for Lighthouse Strategic Plan


Visitors 940

Volunteer Hours 1,654

Membership 54 single memberships

Survey N.15 (done online)

Events: Speaker Series, SUNORA Event, Corn Roast Butterfly Festival, Canadian Wildlife Federation – onsite environmental study. Parks Canada event, Cancelled: Fundraiser, Film Night, 2 Speaker Series presentation.

• to be updated